Chantelle and Passionata Introducing New Lines for Summer

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 Chantelle and Passionata  Introducing New Lines for Summer
Tue 29-05-2012

Top French lingerie brands Chantelle and Passionata are introducing fantastic new lines for summer an exotic chic theme for Chantelle’s Africa, in a gorgeous new colour called Sunset. For Passionata, this season is about flower power, with the intricate embroidery of White Nights.

Express a different side of you with Africa lingerie line - Chantelle’s emblematic line for exotic chic.



The Chantelle Group is the top French leader of women’s lingerie. Since 1876, the group has marketed lingerie brands throughout the world, creating a close relationship with the women who wear their products.


Embroidered African-inspired shapes and patterns on sheer tulle create an alluring tattoo effect, while scalloping edges add a sassy, sexy look.


The collection, inspired by women of the world, femininity and modernity, reveal a unique style that combines contemporary inspiration with the company’s know-how while keeping their traditionally French spirit.

Available in a new gorgeous Sunset colour for an extra touch of feminine allure. Africa lingerie will be in all Debenhams and specialty lingerie shops beginning June.


Get the charmingly sexy look with White Nights, a must have for its sheer elegance and stylish comfort, from Passionata.

Passionata was born at the end of the 80’s when, after years of wearing sensible lingerie and unisex clothes, women wished to reassert their femininity…For them, Passionata made lingerie affordable and wearable on a daily basis by modernizing fabrics and materials. As part of the “Groupe Chantelle”, a French family-owned enterprise since 1876, Passionata can rely on the savoir-faire and the expertise of this century-old corsetry maker.

White Nights features delicate Italian floral embroidery. The glamorous half cup bra has sexy double straps made from guipure lace at the shoulders, and has ornate appliqué accent for irresistible allure.  


White Nights line comes in cool new Chambray (Wedgewood Blue) and Bronze for an earthy yet classy appeal.

This collection will also be available in June from Debenhams and Passionata at Dubai Mall.