Chef and His Bride-to-Be Lose Half Their Weight Before Wedding

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Chef and His Bride-to-Be Lose Half Their Weight Before Wedding
Thu 11-09-2014

23 year old chef Matt Bradley used to spend his days picking at food at work, and his weight reached 118kg!

But, when he started planning his wedding to childhood sweetheart Hannah 18 months ago, he decided something had to give.

"On the one hand, I was really happy and secure with Hannah. On the other, my confidence had taken a real nosedive and I was very self-conscious about my size. I had to buy XXL clothes online and I hated seeing photographs of myself, there’s a picture of me at a wedding and I swear I’ve got three chins," Matt explains.

Matt and Hannah both put on weight thanks to over-indulging on the takeaways and nights out.

Both he and his fiance joined Slimming World and began to plan their meals at the start of each week. 

He says: "We soon got into the habit of planning our meals at the start of each week, one of my favourites is homemade burgers and chips made with low-calorie cooking spray and served with piles of fresh vegetables. We still have a night out or a takeaway once a week too."

He reckons his biggest boost came when his doctor didn’t believe he was the same person.

"When I walked in, he glanced from me to his computer screen and said, 'Sorry, I think I’ve got the wrong person.' He was really impressed by my weight loss and agreed that I could stop using my asthma inhalers." Matt says.

He reached his goal weight of 72kg just two days before his wedding so he could slip into his slim-cut charcoal suit, minus those three chins.

With Hannah also losing over 20kg, Matt says both are now looking forward to married life together: "Even though we’ve always been very happy with each other, we weren’t happy with ourselves. Now we both have so much more energy and confidence."