Chef Behind The Wedding Cake Of Prince William and Duchess Kate Middleton Talks About The Details

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Chef Behind The Wedding Cake Of Prince William and Duchess Kate Middleton Talks About The Details
Tue 08-12-2015

The most talked about and watched wedding in 2011 was the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

The royal couple opted for not one but two wedding cakes. One was a traditional multi-tiered fruit wedding cake by Fiona Cairns, the other was a nod to William's childhood, in the shape of a chocolate wedding cake, for which William and Kate turned to master chocolatier Barry Colenso.

Barry exclusively tells HELLO! "The McVitie's Cake Company and I worked together in making William and Kate's cake, but the actual recipe came from the Palace. It was based on one of Prince William's favourite afternoon tea cakes from when he was younger, a classic Tiffin cake, which was a fairly simple recipe. Although the McVitie's Cake Company and I developed it into a wedding cake, we stuck closely to the guidelines issued from Buckingham Palace to make sure it was just right."


"It was rich, indulgent and creamy with a really snappy texture which came from the Rich Tea biscuits."

"The Tiffin cake itself was pretty straightforward as the recipe was issued from the Palace, but the extras and decorations were a different story. The McVitie's team and I worked 24/7 for 29 straight days to make sure we made something spectacular, and that met Prince William and Kate's brief. It was a tough task as all of the decorations and flowers were based on different concepts which had to be approved by the Palace. Once approved, each white chocolate flower took over 6 hours to make by hand. The techniques used were completely revolutionary."


"Top quality ingredients are a must. After that, the tempering process must be spot on. The heating and cooling of the chocolate is what gives it a glossy shine and crisp snap – all signs of a great chocolate. Most of all, a Chocolatier must have the imagination and innovation to create something unique. This is what makes an excellent chocolate stand out from an average one."

Source: Hello!