A Children's Book Marriage Proposal

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A Children's Book Marriage Proposal
Fri 05-04-2013

The Star has recently shared a beautiful marriage proposal by a 31-year-old Chicago advertising executive.

He had written his marriage proposal in a children’s book , portraying himself as a tortoise and his girlfriend as the hare (bunny).

Jason Methner is the creative mind behind the illustrated account of his relationship with his girlfriend, Molly Lipsitz.

He had the book, titled A Hare-y Tale, illustrated by friend Yoni Limor and placed the bound volume among the “new arrivals” in a Chicago library for his 27-year-old girlfriend to find.
The book refers to some of the activities they have done as a couple in their 4 year relationship.

Like the classic tortoise and hare story, the couple each take life at a different pace. He is laid back, while she is an A-type personality, very organized and constantly producing lists. She enjoys healthy food. He loves cheeseburgers..
They also enjoy good books and libraries. So it was only natural that the marriage proposal should take place in a library.

As she began flipping through it, she came to an abrupt stop on page 3: the narrative mentioned Sandy Springs, her home town near Atlanta. She grew suspicious but he encouraged her to read on.

On the next to last page, the story read: “Although we don’t often run at same pace, do you want to slow down and spend the rest of your life with me?”
And on the last page: “And Bunny said …” This was followed by an empty space for her to say “yes.”
At that point, He got down on one knee, popped the question and pulled out a diamond engagement ring.

“I was just totally surprised and shocked in a good way. It was an amazingly thoughtful and creative proposal and in an unexpected place.” She said.
He had more copies of the book so relatives would have the book as a memento.