Chinese Millionaire Sues Dating Agency for Failing to Find Him a Wife

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Chinese Millionaire Sues Dating Agency for Failing to Find Him a Wife
Thu 11-06-2015

A wealthy Chinese businessman has sued a dating agency for failing to find him a 'pure, sweet and young' wife, after paying seven million Yuan for their services.

The man in his 40s, who has only been named as Mr Zhang, was not satisfied with any of the eight candidates that the Shanghai-based agency had arranged him to date through national auditions. 

A court ruled on Thursday that he should be given a four million Yuan refund.

Prospective candidates were interviewed by marriage counsellors across three cities, and adverts were put in newspapers, online and on television, as a part of the contract signed between Mr Zhang and the unnamed agency.

The company had said they would return part of the fees if they could not find him a girlfriend after two years.

However, Mr Zhang demanded a full refund and took the company to court in 2014.

The court initially ruled that he should be given a 1.3 million Yuan  refund as set out in the contract, but he successfully appealed the decision. 

In total, he spent more than seven million Yuan at the agency over five years, which includes extra dating events and catwalk parades. 

The court ruled that it was difficult for the agency to claim they had met their contractual agreements after only providing eight candidates for him to date. 

It's no uncommon in China for dating agencies to organise national, large-scale event to help wealthy bachelor search for ideal partners.

Source: Daily Mail