Chinese Woman Buys 100 Pairs of Shoes After Breakup

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Chinese Woman Buys 100 Pairs of Shoes After Breakup
Wed 27-11-2013

A woman in Chengdu, Sichuan province found the best way to vent her displeasure at her ex-boyfriend by buying 100 pairs of shoes!

26 year old Wang Yuan's boyfriend had forbidden her from all purchases during the Singles' Day online day of shopping on Nov. 11, when Alibaba's Tmall and Taobao sites sold almost US$6 billion in goods.

She promptly broke up with him and marched to a shopping mall in Chengdu where she spent more than 20,000 yuan (US$3,200) on shoes.

Mall employees were stunned. "She bought all kinds of shoes, including long boots, short boots, sandals and men's shoes," said a mall spokesperson.

"She made so many purchases that some employees had to tape shoes to the outside of her car. I have never seen this before."

Wang said she went to the mall for shoes after she heard of a sale. "I can give the shoes to my friends if there are too many for me," she said.