Chinese Woman Offer to Marry Whoever Saves Her Sick Brother

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Chinese Woman Offer to Marry Whoever Saves Her Sick Brother
Sun 24-05-2015

“I will marry whoever is able to save my brother, and can even immediately take the train with him back to his home to marry at once!” On the morning of January 24, Weibo user posted a series of “sister seeks husband to save younger brother” pictures, which caught the attention of many netizens.

The pictures show 24 year-old Huang Xiju in a wedding gown together with her younger brother, who suffers from leukemia, at the Kunming train station, where she was hoping to find her brother’s savior among the crowd of travelers returning home to celebrate Chinese New Year’s.

Dressed in a white wedding gown, Huang Xiju certainly stood out from the crowd of travelers hurrying to catch trains to go home to celebrate Chines New Year’s. She held in her hand a sign, saying:

"My little brother has leukemia. We borrowed more than 300,000 yuan for a bone marrow transplant, but complications after the surgery caused systemic sclerosis. We are now in need of 300,000 yuan more to ensure his full recovery. Since we do not have the money to pay the medical expenses, I am looking for a husband [who is willing to help us pay]! If there is someone who is willing to pay my brother’s medical expenses, I am willing to marry him, and am even ready to take the train home with him to register our marriage. I am Huang Xiju from Zhijin county in Guizhou province. I am 24 years old, 150cm tall, and I have a junior college degree! If you are interested you can go to the Hematology Department at Kunming People’s Liberation Army General Hospital to verify my brother’s condition. My brother’s name: Huang Xichao! His Doctor’s name: Li Yu! Serious inquiries only!"

Source: China Smack