Citruss TV Introduces Jacqueline Kennedy Jewelry!

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Citruss TV Introduces Jacqueline Kennedy Jewelry!
Mon 02-07-2012

If jewellery is a girl’s best friend, then Citruss TV– the largest shopping network in the Middle East – is fostering life-long friendships exclusively in the Middle East by introducing the Jacqueline Kennedy jewellery collection for women who want to capture her timeless elegance.


The icon who wore her jewellery with grace, elegance and dignity is the inspiration behind the latest collection created by leading jeweller, Camrose & Kross, who has replicated over 200 of Jackie’s gems with amazing accuracy. This collection, which is exclusively available on Citruss TV network, will present each piece of jewelry along with its own fascinating snapshot of the life of Jacqueline Kennedy.



The JK collection is handcrafted using the finest brass and pewter elements plated in either 24k gold or rhodium plating. The simulated precious stones are selected from the finest Swarovski crystal and 41 high-grade cubic Zirconia to replicate the gorgeous colour and luster of Jackie originals.


Visit Citruss TV to see the unique collection.