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Clothing Line for Singles
Thu 09-05-2013

According to the Huffington Post, Gutzy Wear, is a new clothing line designed especially for singles! And according to founder Kari Holt, the duds tell "other singles the wearer is 'single and approachable.'"

The shirts which have the company's signature "G," signals to other singles, "Hey! I'm available!"

According to Gutzy Wear's website: Gutzy “meet me” Wear is comprised of casual tees and tanks that single men and women can wear every day in the places they go, like the grocery store, the dog park, hiking, the gym, etc. It’s an ice breaker and gives those who find you attractive permission to come up and say hi because they know when you are wearing Gutzy “meet me” Wear you are single, available, and approachable!

Each clothing item has a tracking number on the back, so if you've missed the opportunity to approach someone you can just go to Gutzy Wear's site and look them up!

Gutzy has this sentence written in their "About us": 

"Gutzy Wear is not responsible for married, underage, or psycho individuals who approach you, so please wear responsibly."

So what do you think of this upcoming trend?