Couple Create a Beauty and The Beast Inspired Wedding

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Couple Create a Beauty and The Beast Inspired Wedding
Fri 09-01-2015

They say every girl dreams about marrying her Prince Charming but one Plymouth girl got the real deal when she tied the knot with a her Disney-inspired prince.

Toni Scaplehorn and Eric Orford decided to set their big day a part by dressing up as Belle and a human-transformed-Beast from Disney’s Beauty and The Beast film.

Guests also joined in with the fun with Snow White, Mary Poppins, Tinkerbell from Peter Pan, Woody from Toy Story, Minnie Mouse and Goofy just some of the array of characters in the congregation.

Toni went travelling in Australia in 2009 and went to work on a banana farm in Mareeba in Queensland where she met her new hubby Eric.

They moved to Plymouth together in 2010, staying for 18-months, but have since emigrated back Down Under.

They came back to the city to get married in front of Toni’s friends and family.

"I thought dressing up would make it a bit different, as everyone gets married in white. I grew up with Disney films and we had a pile of them. I always loved the songs."

"We were deciding what to go as when he said he wanted to go as The Beast, as he is already so hairy, and so I thought I would go as Belle."

"The thing is, I really do feel like the fairytale princess. And I think he looks lovely," added the healthcare worker.

Source: Plymouth Herald