Couple Creates Wedding Cake Topper with 3D Printer Selfie

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Couple Creates Wedding Cake Topper with 3D Printer Selfie
Wed 22-01-2014

Technology expert Steven Dey offered his friends Emily and Carl Osgathorp a special gift  on their wedding, their own ‘3D selfies.’

Thanks to a scanner and a 3D printer, the newlyweds had themselves displayed in miniature on top of their cake.

The bride told the Oxford Mail: "He said to me wouldn’t it be cool if you could have a little 3D version of you and Carl?"

"It was great. When it was on the cake everybody was like: ‘Oh, my God’ that is you. It was so instantly recognizable that it was us."

It took just 20 seconds to scan the couple and 2 hours to print their miniature copies in plastic.

Mr Dey said he created his scanner using the same technology as the X-Box Kinect and a motorized turntable.

He bought a 3D printer kit and constructed it himself and it is set up in his living room.

The object that will be printed is scanned into a computer, which communicates with the printer.

The printer prints in 0.1mm thick plastic threads in layers to create the 3D object.

"There is an interest in 3D selfies. After doing my friends and their kids, other people have started asking for it."