Couple Gets Married 12,000 Above Twin Ports

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Couple Gets Married 12,000 Above Twin Ports
Tue 05-08-2014

Chad and Amy met when Chad relocated to Amy's hometown of Cloquet, Minnesota.

"Chad had just moved here from Florida and I was his welcoming committee to kind of help him get used to the drop zone and meet new people," Mrs. Ebling said.

The skydiving enthusiasts quickly hit it off.

"I was checking out what she does and everything," Mr. Ebling said.

"We started talking more and more and it was downhill from there."

Shortly after their engagement, on what would be Amy's five hundredth jump, a fiery crash threatened the couple's lives.

When the Ebling's sky diving plane collided with another plane in midair, the 11 passengers on board knew their lives were in jeopardy.

Shockingly, the Eblings and all 9 of their friends survived.

"Unbelievable, I mean, unbelievable," said Mrs. Ebling as she reflected on the crash. "It seemed impossible..."

While the sky–scare would stop many from jumping again, the Eblings have made fifty jumps together since the accident.

They soon exchanged vows 12,000 feet above Skydive Superior.

They want people to know that if they learned anything from almost dying, it's about how to live.

"You never know when it's your time," Mrs. Ebling said. "You just got to make sure that every day is as enjoyable as possible."

They say you have to do what you love – with who you love – while you still have a chance.

"Do what you love and do it," Mrs. Ebling said.

The newlyweds encourage everyone to give the extreme sport a chance.

Source: Northlands News Center