Couple Gets Married 62 Years After They Fell In Love

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Couple Gets Married 62 Years After They Fell In Love
Fri 29-08-2014

92 year old, Howard Attebery of San Diego married Cynthia Riggs, the woman he spent a summer working with in 1950 and instantly fell in love with.

The two never got together during that summer because Riggs had a boyfriend, but Atterbery continued to think about what could have been.

They reconnected 62 years later when Attebery sent Riggs a love letter out of the blue.

Now the husband and wife live together in Riggs' home on Martha's Vineyard, making up for lost time.

However, Riggs was hesitant when she first received the love letter in February 2012.

The couple met again in person in May 2012 and within an hour Attebery had asked Riggs to marry him. She agreed and they were married a year later.

It was written in code and on paper towels, but she soon remembered the way she used to pass notes with Attebery that summer, when she worked at a geology lab sorting plankton.

At the end of that first note, Attebery wrote that he had 'never stopped loving' Riggs, according to the Boston Globe.

Both had married and had children, but ended up single. Riggs divorced her husband and father of her five children several decades ago. Attebery divorced his first wife and his second wife died.

They also talked about their first summer together, with Attebery revealing that he fell for Riggs from the first moment he saw her.