Couple Goes On 2 Year Honeymoon

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Couple Goes On 2 Year Honeymoon
Mon 02-03-2015

When Anne and Mike Howard got married, they wanted more than just a week away on a beach, they wanted to begin their lives together on a much higher note. So, they quite their jobs, rented out their apartment, and embarked on a 675-day honeymoon around the world.

The couple visited 6 continents, 33 countries and 302 different places; and documented it all on their website

"When choosing a honeymoon destination, we realized the list was too long and life was too short," Anne told The Daily Mail.

"We had money saved, no kids, good health, and there is a lot of world to see, what better time to travel than now. We believe honeymoons are about starting a life together with a bang, having memorable and meaningful experiences rather than just splashing out on luxury."

Mike added: "Instead of spending all of our funds in a couple of weeks, we stretched our budget to last a couple of years. We saw the most beautiful places, immersed ourselves in other cultures, embarked on big adventures and created memories for the rest of our lives. And this time as newlyweds seemed like the perfect opportunity to embrace our freedom, good health, and celebrate and nurture our marriage in an extraordinary way."

The couple spent about $40 USD a day between them, which included food, travel expenses, lodging and excursions. Of course, some countries cost more than others. In Norway, they ended up spending about $75 a day, but in South East Asia, they only averaged about $20 a day. With that money they were able to go one 140 hikes, 41 safaris, 39 scuba dives, and six volunteer projects. They even managed to stay in 72 luxury hotels.

"And through our partnership with, we occasionally exchanged our photography and writing skills for luxury stays," the couple said. "Getting savvy with frequent flyer miles, our savings on flights alone allowed us to extend our trip an extra 160 days longer than if we paid for all our flights."

After returning home, the couple have now began their own travel coaching business called HoneyTrek Trip Coach, in which they help others plan and budget for their own adventures.

Source: The Bridal Guide