Couple Has Life-Size Bride and Groom Wedding Cake

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Couple Has Life-Size Bride and Groom Wedding Cake
Wed 25-11-2015

An amateur baker in Britain DIY'd her own wedding cake, and it's a life-size replica of her and her groom. 

When Lara Mason, who famously baked a life-size cake that looked like Prince George, was planning her November 14 wedding, she naturally decided to make use of her own talents.

She made a 309-pound buttercream wedding cake that looks just like her and her groom.

"I am getting a name for myself as the lady who makes the life-size people cakes, I couldn’t have a three-tier ivory cake with roses,” Mason told BuzzFeed Life.

Mason, who goes by Tasty Cakes on social media, won the gold prize at Birmingham's Cake International show for her life-size Prince George cake. 

It took 20 hours over the course of three days to make this buttercream wonder. 

Source: Refinery29