Couple Has a Surprise Wedding On The Train

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Couple Has a Surprise Wedding On The Train
Wed 26-08-2015

Megan Grant and Michael Hayward had the ultimate solution for keeping wedding costs down this weekend, get married on a train on the way to the reception.

The couple got married on the Fremantle line in a surprise wedding ceremony on Sunday.

Guests were led to believe they would all be catching the train from Fremantle to an engagement party in a secret location.

Then the bride got on at the next stop.

Newlywed Megan told 720 ABC Radio on Monday the train was the perfect option for a wedding in any weather and it kept the costs down when most places were “pretty pricey” to hire.

"We didn’t know if it was possible or legal but we looked in to it," she said.

"It’s got a nice long isle to walk down, lots of windows for natural light and you know, everyone can sit down and we sort of thought, yeah, why not."

"We contacted a few celebrants and all of them were really keen, everybody wanted that gig, they were really excited."

Watch the video here!

"And the Public Transport Authority were actually really, really helpful and good."

"We’re not the first couple, another couple have done it before in Perth."

Megan said her biggest stress was somebody would miss the train so they asked everyone to meet 15 minutes early.

The celebrant, Megan and her sister, the bridesmaid who came down from Newman, were waiting at North Fremantle to hop on for the ceremony.

"A few people were taking pictures and everyone was pretty shocked."

Source:Perth Now