Couple Lets Dog Film Their Wedding

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Couple Lets Dog Film Their Wedding
Tue 24-11-2015

A couple decided to do something unqie, and let their dog film their wedding, which resulted in a unique footage that has gone viral.

Ryder managed to capture all the key moments of owners Josh and Addie Burnette's big day as she ran around with a GoPro camera on her collar.

The two minute video uploaded to YouTube began with the animal wandering in on the bridal preparations.

She was met with a warm welcome by bride Addie, who is kneeling down in a bedroom getting ready.

Addie then gives Ryder a big hug before blowing a huge kiss to the camera.

It then cuts to the bride standing in her wedding dress as the room gets the once over by Ryder who seems to be on the look out for food.

In the background a photographer can be seen taking photos before the bridal party leave for the ceremony which was held on top of the Roan Mountain in Southeastern America.

The film then cuts back to the reception venue where guests can be seen patting Ryder on the head as she wonders in and out of rooms.

The magical footage was set to music and has already attracted 223,808 views since it was uploaded by Josh a few days ago.