Couple Plans An All Autism Wedding

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Couple Plans An All Autism Wedding
Thu 17-09-2015

There's a common misconception that people with autism aren't interested in love and romance. Well, it couldn't be more wrong, and one couple is out to prove that with an all-autism wedding.

Engaged couple Anita Lesko and Abraham Talmage shared their love story and the message they want to get out to everyone. 

Anita and Abraham are planning to celebrate their union September 26 in San Diego at Love and Autism: A Conference With Heart, founded by consultant and counselor Dr. Jenny Palmiotto. All the participants in the wedding, from the ring bearer, the flower girls, the ushers, the DJ, a harpist, even the officiant, all are on the spectrum.

The two are by no means the first couple with autism to marry. However, this all-autism wedding is the first of its kind, and for many of the attendees it will also be the first wedding they've ever attended. Anita and Abraham want to give hope to others on the spectrum (and their families) and show that love, relationships, and marriage are possible.

"We're ready to jump out of our skin!" Anita told us, when we asked how she and Abraham were feeling as their wedding date approaches.