Couple Poses for Wedding Pictures with Natural Disaster

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Couple Poses for Wedding Pictures with Natural Disaster
Thu 12-06-2014

A raging wildfire could have turned an Oregon couple's wedding into a nightmare, but the adaptable bride and groom instead saw an opportunity to create stunningly unique wedding photos.

Michael Wolber and April Hartley were hosting their nuptials in the gorgeous outdoor scenery near Bend, Oregon when what started as a small brush fire quickly grew into a raging inferno.

Moments after Hartley began her walk down the aisle, fire trucks shattered the peaceful scene and firefighters regretfully told bride, groom and celebrants to find safer ground.

"Incredibly, the fireman then told us we could have the ceremony and then had to leave," wrote photographer Josh Newton on his Facebook.

The wedding was abbreviated to just fifteen minutes, according to

Newton said the guests showed no sign of annoyance and were happy to help relocate the reception to a safer place as the fire raged just six miles away.

"While the guests, caterers, and DJ all moved to Drake Park and setup, we snuck away and got some of the most incredible wedding photos I've ever taken," said the professional photographer, who used just his phone to snap some of the most striking photos.

250 homes had been evacuated and some 6,200 acres were consumed.