Couple Throws a Geeky Logo Themed Wedding

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Couple Throws a Geeky Logo Themed Wedding
Thu 14-05-2015

Both Sara Ashley and Zack are business professionals but have creative extracurriculars that show their true geeky colors.

This certainly came through on their big day. Aside from quirky details like a Lego cake topper, Captain Americagarter belt, and Harry Potter books to hold their rings, they also presented each other with unique gifts. Since Zack is a huge Lego fan, he surprised Sara Ashley with their engagement picture re-created completely out of the colorful blocks.

Not to be outmatched, Sara Ashley gifted him with an adorable comic book that details their love story, from their initial meeting through to their wedding day.

It gets even better: guests kept up with the wedding through the hashtag: #2Nerds1Love, and the couple ended their ceremony with an updated Facebook relationship status. 

Source: Pop Sugar