Craig David Suprises a Couple at Their Wedding!

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Craig David Suprises a Couple at Their Wedding!
Thu 23-08-2012

A British couple posted a video on YouTube and asked for Craig David to attend their wedding, little did they know that the star will actually attend and sing at the wedding!

The bride and groom are big fans of Craig and have attended 25 concerts!David said he was happy to perform after learning that the couple had purchased all his songs and that his music had brought them closer together after the eight years that they have been a couple.

"Seeing them so happy having me attend & hearing me sing was as emotional for me as it was for them!" David wrote on Instagram.

The bride tweeted their thanks the next day: "Craig!! Thank u! U are the man! You’ll never understand what u being here meant to us. Absolute hero.Mrs.Coyne ;)"

This is how the couple got Craig to attend their wedding!