Crane Collapsed Over Wedding in India

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Crane Collapsed Over Wedding in India
Thu 27-02-2014

A man was killed and four other people injured after a crane toppled over during a stunt at a wedding in India.

The crane was lowering the bride and her sister into the wedding venue on a 'crystal platform' when it lost balance and crashed to the ground.

One guest died and 4 people were taken to hospital following the incident in Adalaj village, near Ahmedabad in Gujarat state.

The horrific incident, which was hosted last night by Vinod Patel for his daughter's wedding, was caught on camera by horrified guests.

It is not yet known if the bride of her sister were injured in the crash.

A relative told the Times of India: "As per the plan, the bride was to reach the venue from outside the plot through the crane as she would be showered with flowers."

"Everything went as per the plan till the platform almost reached at the designated spot."

"Suddenly, the crane turned one side and both the occupants fell on the ground."