Daughters Convince Dad to Get Botox for Their Weddings!

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Daughters Convince Dad to Get Botox for Their Weddings!
Fri 04-01-2013

3 brides from Jersey, convinced their dad to get Botox for their weddings.

Daughters Nicole, Jackie, and Jennifer Sharman asked their 56-year-old dad, John, to get checked out by a plastic surgeon. And he agreed.

"In pictures you can see it's really bad," Nicole said. "And of course, he’s going to be photographed a lot on the days of the wedding."

All 3 daughters were getting married within 7 months of each other. They saw it as the perfect time to get some work done on their dad.

"Because he’s under stress, marrying three daughters, he was getting the laugh lines, getting the crow’s feet,"
"She always told me ‘If you want to be a truck driver, be the best looking one you can be,'" John said about his mom.

John went to Dr. Steven L. Davis, a plastic surgeon in New Jersey. The doctor injected Botox around John’s eyes to erase his crow’s feet. Davis used facial filler to smooth over the laugh lines around John’s mouth and nose. For all-over skin tightening, the surgeon used Pelleve, a radio frequency heating device.