Dead Wife In Nairobi Storms Wedding

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Dead Wife In Nairobi Storms Wedding
Tue 08-12-2015

Some huge drama emerged at a wedding ceremony in Nairobi, when a woman confronted the groom who had allegedly declared her ‘dead’.

To halt the wedding, the woman stripped in front of the bewildered congregation.

The afternoon drama unfolded at the Glory Outreach Assembly Church when Anne Gesase walked into the church with an army of irate women and sought to stop the wedding.

Anne claimed the groom, Nahason Nyamweya — who is the father of her four children — had forged her death certificate to give him clearance for a second marriage.

It is alleged that the children aged 10, 14, 16 and 18 had been given new birth certificates that showed the new bride — Catherine Kenyaa Ngumbi — was their biological mother.

Hell broke loose when the first wife stormed the church breathing fire and ready to stop the ceremony.

The men tried to force her out, but somehow, she managed to make her way to the front. In a rage of fury, she started stripping naked in front of the church as she caused a scene.

The groom and his new bride stood still totally astonished not knowing what to do.

Source: Standard Media