Dennis Quaid Not Divorcing His Wife Anymore

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Dennis Quaid Not Divorcing His Wife Anymore
Tue 26-03-2013

According to reports Dennis Quaid and wife Kimberly Buffington-Quaid are getting back together!


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Dennis Quaid Divorces 3rd Wife Kimberly Buffington!

TMZ reports that the couple has reconciled, even though they have already signed the divorce documents, which means the divorce is set to become final soon.

According to celebrity divorce lawyer Raoul Felder, the couple's next move depends on whether or not a judge has already signed the divorce papers.

"If the judge did not sign the divorce order, then they can simply say they withdraw it, sign a stipulation to withdraw it and that's the end of it," Felder told HuffPost Divorce. "But if the judge did sign the order, they would have to go to court to get a new order to vacate the prior judgment of divorce."

This isn't the first time that the pair has broken up and reconciled. In March 2012, Kimberly filed for divorce from Dennis, but withdrew the petition just 2 months later.