Details on Ahmad Ezz and Zeina's Secret Marriage

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Details on Ahmad Ezz and Zeina's Secret Marriage
Tue 28-01-2014

The news of Egyptian actress Zeina being held at the airport with her baby twins who are just 4 months old, is taking the Arab media by storm!

Zeina never announced her pregnancy or her marriage, but she explained to the authorities that the father of  the babies is Egyptian actor Ahmad Ezz.

She also explained that few months ago, they got married secretly in a marriage known in the Arab world as an "Urfi Marriage", which is a marriage contract that is not registered with state authorities, so since she didn't carry and official paper showing this, she was held at the airport.

Ahmad Ezz' relatives explained that Ahmad Ezz and Zeina have been fighting over this for a while now, ever since she got pregnant Zeina is asking Ahmad Ezz to sign the official marriage papers and announce their marriage in front of everyone but Ahmad keeps on refusing.

When Zeina's pregnancy started to show, she left to the US so no one can find out. And now her babies have an American passport and are registered in their mother's name.

Ahmad Ezz' family and friends tried to convince him to sign the papers but he explained that he and Zeina were never together and the babies are not his.

Source: Watan