Details Of Aysha Mehajer's Wedding Dress and Cost Revealed

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Details Of Aysha Mehajer's Wedding Dress and Cost Revealed
Wed 19-08-2015

The so called "Wedding of  Century" is still making headlines!

Following Sydney's so-called 'wedding of the century' on Saturday, it has emerged that the bride's ball gown inspired dress was just as elaborate as expected.

Aysha Mehajer, who married Salim Mehajer in Sydney's western suburbs, wore a gown made up of 22 kilograms of French lace, close to 2,500 Swarovski pearls and littered with more than 2,000 diamond crystals.

Though the one-off dress was worked on by a team of six dressmakers over 10 days, the mastermind behind the work was World of Nektaria designer, Natalie Georgys.

'Everything on her dress was crème de la crème, it was the best you could get your hands on,' Ms Georgys told The Daily Telegraph, adding it was likely the most expensive dress she has ever made and perhaps in Australia. 

'We started sketching and pulling fabrics and then by the end of it I realised we were making this massive ball gown covered in pearls and Swarozovki.'

Ms Georgys also revealed that the bride to be walked into the Melbourne store less than a fortnight before her wedding day and that dress of that intricacy would normally take between 12 and 15 months to make.


The Australian designer spoke of the demanding days following, saying that from the minute Mrs Mehajer left the building, the dressmakers worked day and night, hand-sewing the garment and putting it together.

While heavy, the weight is held up by a 325 metres of fabric in the petticoat which is built inside the dress, which was 16 layers.  

'She has a bridal gown designer's dream body, her body is just perfectly symmetrical, she's petite...her little curves just fit perfectly in that,' Ms Georgys said.

'I feel like it was a really classy silhouette for that wedding.' 

Ms Georgys says that although she has been bombarded with inquiries about the dress, she will not be replicating it. 

'I couldn't even if I wanted to, I used up some of my lace from Paris from the 1950s,' she said. 

The wedding ceremony was one of the most controversial weddings Sydney has hosted, featuring four helicopters, a squadron of luxury cars, a battalion of drummers, a red carpet and a cake that was taller than some guests. 

While infuriating many neighbours with their extravagant display, the former beautician and her politician husband have no regrets and wouldn't have changed a thing.