Did Carole Samaha Marry Yousef Harb?

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Did Carole Samaha Marry Yousef Harb?
Wed 14-03-2012

Rumor has it that Lebanese star Carole Samaha got married to Yousef Harb.


The couple supposedly got married in the U.S where Yousef Harb is currently living.

Yousef Harb was married to the Lebanese star Najwa Karam 12 years ago.

Carole and Yousef have met 3 years ago, but never confirmed their relationship.

Other sources say that this rumor is false and that Yousef Harb spoke to the media and said: "If you get married once, you will never consider getting married again."

So is Carole Samaha really married to Yousef Harb? Stay tuned to find out!