Did Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux Cancel Their Wedding?

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Did Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux Cancel Their Wedding?
Mon 07-04-2014

When it comes to Jennifer Aniston being pregnant, rumors are always flying. New claims suggest that her wedding to Justin Theroux may be canceled, over his reaction to a recent pregnancy scare!

A recent edition of the popular tabloid Life & Style magazine reports that Jennifer recently gave Justin an ultimatum.

One source who recently spoke to the magazine claims that Jennifer mistakenly believed that she was pregnant and tried convincing Justin into marrying her immediately.

"He was thrilled about having a baby, but he's obviously very conflicted about the wedding. He asked for some time to think. Then, he fled L.A. to New York City, leaving Jen solo and leaving things 'very cold.'"

On the other hand OK! Magazine reported that the wedding is definitely going to occur, because the guest list and wedding date has been set:  "It's going to be very intimate: 100 people or fewer. The main party will be held in the enormous entertaining room at the back of the house, with floor-to-ceiling windows and spectacular views of L.A. Jen would love to have it outdoors, in the garden, but she's not having a repeat of her wedding to Brad, when the whole event was drowned out by helicopters."