Did Kim Kardashian Get a Nose Job?

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Did Kim Kardashian Get a Nose Job?
Sat 14-12-2013

Kim Kardashian always denied that she had plastic surgery, only admitting she tried Botox.

But according to The Daily Mail the reality star's nose looks a lot different.

"When Kim Kardashian showed off a rare profile angle while attending The Hollywood Reporter's Women in Entertainment breakfast, the difference in her facial features was hard to ignore."

"It's appears that at some point Kim has possibly had the bump on her bridge shaved down, to allow for a more flawless appearance."

"In an interview with ABC's News' Nightline back in 2010, Kim insisted that she was '100%' surgery free."

"'I'm totally not against plastic surgery, I've tried Botox before. That's the only thing that I've done,' she claimed."


Pictures source: The Daily Mail