Dima Bayaa in a Wedding Dress Again

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Dima Bayaa in a Wedding Dress Again
Fri 04-10-2013

Syrian actress Dima Bayaa is getting married again.

The actress was married to actor Taim Hasan and got divorced over a year ago.

As for Dima Bayaa's husband to be, the only details we have about him is that he is Moroccan and not Syrian.

Dima wants a big wedding but her fiancé wants a private Moroccan wedding.

Dima Bayaa revealed that they met in Dubai through her brother, and that she hated her fiancé at first and they didn't get along, but then they got to know each other more.

Dima also said that he was shocked to know she was a famous actress, as he doesn't watch Arabic series at all.

She also explained that Ahmad did not ask her to quit acting instead he was very supportive.