Disabled Couple Marries in Fairytale Wedding

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Disabled Couple Marries in Fairytale Wedding
Tue 15-05-2012

Nicole who suffers from cerebral palsy  got accepted into a living skills program for disabled adults. On her first day there, she met fellow student Curtis Braxton, who has hydrocephalus and a seizure disorder.


She found him sweet and polite; he thought she was pretty and easy to talk to. The pair, who both have mild cognitive impairments, became fast friends and began spending hours on the phone every night.

With help from strangers, the couple became husband and wife at a stunning, fairy-tale-inspired wedding. Vendors donated thousands of dollars’ worth of fresh flowers, photography, videography, table linens, a three-tiered wedding cake, a honeymoon hotel stay and more after they were moved by the couple’s story.