Disagreement Bewteen Sheikhs and Lawyers On Online Marriages

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Disagreement Bewteen Sheikhs and Lawyers On Online Marriages
Mon 23-06-2014

Muslim Sheikhs and Lawyers are disagreeing on "Online Marriage" where couples meet each other through social media and then get married.

Some say marriages like these are not legal when it comes to Islamic Laws, while others state that while the way the couples meet is wrong, it does not meat that the marriage contract is illegal.

According to Sheikh Abdul Rahman Al Dosari (Imam and former judge): "Online marriages have become very popular these days, but it does not mean that they are accecpted by Islamic Laws."

Judge Yousuf Bandar commented: "The way the couple meet each other is not accepted by Islamic Laws, but this does not mean that the marriage once made legal is wrong, as long as the couple repent and work to make their relationship a good one."

On the other hand, lawyer Khaled Al Babtain said: "There is nothing wrong with a couple meeting through social media and getting married afterwards, if the couple gets legally married and get legal marriage certificates."