Disney Creates Magical Animated Wedding Cake

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Disney Creates Magical Animated Wedding Cake
Fri 03-10-2014

At Disney's Fairy Tale Weddings Expo this weekend, the company unveiled a brand new creation: a tiered wedding cake with animations projected onto its surface.

An animated Tinkerbell is seen flying across the surface of the cake, sprinkling fairy dust all over it.

The technology used to map animation onto the cake is similar to the kind Disney uses in its nightly light shows at Magic Kingdom and Disneyland.

And the animation that can be projected onto your wedding cake isn't limited to just Disney characters.

In fact, the light show can be customized, letting couples create their own special love story for their wedding guests to watch.

These fairytale cakes are available as part of Disney's Wishes Collection' wedding package, which starts at $12,000.

Couples who sign up for the package can choose to have their wedding in a Disney park in Florida, Disneyland California, Disney Resort and Spa in Hawaii, or aboard a Disney cruise line.