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Your Horoscope Promises Marriage
Thu 05-01-2012


Are you one of the people who believe in horoscopes? If so, you are probably wondering what your horoscope for 2012 is hiding for you, especially in aspects related to love and relationships.

No need to search all over the internet to know if your horoscope is promising you marriage or love this year! We have all what you're looking for right here. These are the predictions of the famous astrologers Maggie Farah and Karmen Shammas.



Maggie Farah: Aries will experience a big change concerning love this year and, by the end of the year, many Aries will be tying the knot!

Karmen Shammas:  agreeing with Maggie, many Aries will be getting married or committed this year, especially during October and November.



Maggie Farah:  This is the year of marriage for Taurus. Taurus will want to settle down in 2012 and have a peaceful married life.  This year might also be the end of old relationships and entering new ones which could lead to marriage.

Karmen Shammas: Taurus will experience many good changes this year, facing a few bumpy roads concerning family but, as always, Taurus will overcome it easily.



Maggie Farah: Gemini's love life will get much better this year, after admitting older mistakes and promising their partners that they will not be going back to old habits.

Karmen Shammas: Gemini will definitely be facing a few obstacles during the beginning of the year. But family and love relationships will get better during the second half of the year.



Maggie Farah: Cancer will be getting their lover's attention at the beginning of the year, but they will become more sensitive during April and May when they will face some misunderstanding with their partner.

Karmen Shammas: Also agreeing with Maggie, Gemini's relationships will be stable during the first half of the year but not during April or May.



Maggie Farah: Things are looking pretty good for the Leo as some will be finding love and maybe even getting married this year.

Karmen Shammas: No big changes concerning Leo's love life this year. Leo will remain stable and content.



Maggie Farah:  A few conflicts will come in the way of Virgo at the beginning of the year, while some single Virgos will be meeting who might possibly become their partners for life.

Karmen Shammas:  should better embrace themselves, as this is a year of change in all aspects of life, especially, in love.



Maggie Farah:  Libra's love life will remain stable at the beginning of the year, but Libra should also be careful not to create any problems or issues with their partners, as many Libras will be left alone due to their carelessness. But, again, Libra might also experience stability in their love life from July until the end of the year.

Karmen Shammas:  This year Libra will be settling down and will feel more relaxed and stable.



Maggie Farah:  Scorpios should better think twice before speaking to their partners as this year does not bring much luck when it comes to love. Scorpios are advised to be honest with their partners as some might get lucky by the end of this year and feel more in tune with their love lives.      

Karmen Shammas: No big changes concerning Scorpio's love life this year. It looks very stable with no highlights.



Maggie Farah: Sagittarius are advised to stay on their tip toes, as some will be facing major conflicts with their partners by February. But if a Sagittarius is smart enough, he/she will avoid conflict and have a very peaceful love life throughout the year.

Karmen Shammas:  Sagittarius will be facing big changes when it comes to their love life this year.



Maggie Farah: Capricorns are advised to pay attention to their partners and be more romantic at the beginning of this year, because your partner might hold it against you later on. Some Capricorns might get involved and committed suddenly but you should think twice before committing to someone so soon.

Karmen Shammas:  Capricorns will be facing a few issues at the beginning of the year but will soon solve them and get over it.



Maggie Farah:  Aquarius always sees the good in their partners, and they will soon realize this in the first few months of the year. But things will get more peaceful by the end of the year.

Karmen Shammas:  Aquarius will not face major changes in their love life this year. Few conflicts might arise but nothing Aquarius can't handle.



Maggie Farah:  it looks like Pisces will be very lucky in love this year. They will feel the loving attention of their partners during the first few months. Many single Pisces will be getting a lot of attention, and some will officially commit by the end of the year.

Karmen Shammas:  Pisces will try to solve some mysteries concerning their love lives and will try to find the answers they need to take some final decisions.


Regardless of your horoscope, we wish you a happy and peaceful love life this year! 

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