Dominique Hourani is in Love Again

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Dominique Hourani is in Love Again
Thu 30-01-2014

Lebanese singer Dominique Hourani admits she is in love again.

The star has been divorced twice now, but she says she wouldn't mind getting married for the 3rd time.

An insider quoted Dominique Hourani: "I’ve been married and divorced twice now, and I don’t mind if it even happened for a fifth time, as long as I meet the right guy and we don’t rush into splitting up if things were to go wrong."

The mother of one added: "Divorce should be thought-out very carefully, especially when children are involved, because they could be negatively affected. My husband and I remained friends for the sake of our daughter; but it’s important that the child remains in the custody of their mother afterwards."

Dominique Hourani also added: "If the guy I’m with couldn’t afford the lifestyle I live as a star, he’ll feel weak and incompetent. But to be honest with you, I wouldn’t mind spending on him if it wouldn’t end up making him feel incompetent, especially in our culture, because no Arab man would ever let a woman spend her money on him."