Drew Barrymore After Marriage

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Drew Barrymore After Marriage
Fri 18-01-2013

Now that she is married and has a baby Drew Barrymore admitted that you can't have it all.

The actress told USA Today Tuesday that her life has changed since she married her husband Will Kopelman, and gave birth to their daughter, Olive.

"I'm the biggest workaholic, but I do believe you can't have it all. You can have a few things and prioritize and balance that with real life," Drew Barrymore said. "I'm not the same person I was, saying 'see you later' and I have to go off and do a film. We are together every night. I have a much more civilized schedule."

"I know I married someone who's real with me. He challenges me. He doesn't take my stuff. He's a strong, great guy. His intentions are impeccable," she said. "He really believes in working for things, putting in the effort, and being honest. I really root for him and his happiness."

Barrymore launched Barrymore Pinot Grigio in spring 2012, and her new makeup line, Flower, out this month.

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