Dubai: First Indoor Snowfall Wedding

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Dubai: First Indoor Snowfall Wedding
Tue 25-11-2014

A white wedding, complete with the region’s first indoor snowfall, transported guests to a winter wonderland in Dubai. 

Dubai is renowned for making the impossible possible. It is the desert city where you can ski on real snow and now Antarctic penguins are calling it home.

Dubai recently hosted the Middle East’s first ‘white wedding’, bringing a whole new meaning to the term.

Jennifer McGarrigle and Noora Al Suwaidi, the city’s latest powerful business duo quite literally opened up the sky last month and brought the region’s first snow blizzard to Dubai, and it was all in the name of love.

Pulling the strings behind a show-stopping wedding here, event organisers McGarrigle and Al Suwaidi say they have to impress at every corner to stay ahead in the game. And their latest delivery is no exception.

Working together with the bride of a large Emirati family, wedding guests on the day bore witness to the region’s first indoor snowfall. As life-like snow trickled down from the ceiling showering awe-struck family and friends in crisp, white flakes, all were transported to a winter wonderland.

“This is the first time it has ever been done in the Middle East. We laid down cold, life-like snow on the floor and when the guests walked into the venue, the ceiling opened up and snow fell down like a real blizzard,” McGarrigle tells Khaleej Times.

Working together for only 18 months, McGarrigle and Al Suwaidi have a client list many would be envious of.

Regularly hand-picked to host events for some of Dubai’s most high-powered families and individuals — including the royal family — the Exquisite Events duo constantly strives to stand out.