Dubai: Indian Man Runs Away After Killing Wife and Throwing Her Body in a Bag

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Dubai: Indian Man Runs Away After Killing Wife and Throwing Her Body in a Bag
Thu 04-04-2013

An Indian man in Dubai, murdered his wife for money. He put her body in a plastic bag and threw it in a remote place near the road between Dubai and the eastern oasis town of Al Ain before fleeing the country.

According to Emirates 24/7, Dubai police said they had just arrested the husband’s Pakistani friend who confessed to helping him in murdering his wife just a day before she was to go on her annual holiday. Colleagues at a local company told police the victim worked as a sales woman and enjoyed a good reputation among all staff members.

"Investigators were told that the Indian man hit his wife with a sharp object at home and thought she was dead…he phoned his Pakistani friend and asked him to help him in getting rid of the body," Emirat Alyoum daily said.

The Pakistani told the police that his friend killed his wife after she refused to give him more money and accused him of wasting her money on alcohol. But he said that the woman loved her husband and was faithful to him.

Police said security cameras at the building where the Indian lives showed the two carried a large plastic bag and put it in the car boot.

"The husband fled the country just hours after the body was found…we are taking measures to bring the killer to justice with the help of the Interpol," Dubai’s deputy police commander Major General Khamis Al Muzainah said.