Is Duchess Kate Middleton Pregnant?

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Is Duchess Kate Middleton Pregnant?
Tue 20-11-2012

Rumor has it that the Duchess of Cambridge is finally pregnant! A former roommate of Kate Middleton, Jessica Hay, who attended her wedding in April 2011 claims that Prince William and Kate are expecting their first child.

The couple are planning to announce it to the world in December.

The close friend spilled the breaking news in an interview with 'New Idea' magazine.

After all, both of them have entered into the third decade of their lives and they are not keen to be 'old' parents to their kids.

Already the couple have had to delay their baby plans given Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the London Olympics falling in the same year and both being inundated with royal duties.

Now, with Christmas round the corner, the royal couple plan to settle down into a blissful and normal married life.