Dying Father Walks Both Daughters Down the Aisle

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Dying Father Walks Both Daughters Down the Aisle
Sat 21-09-2013

Fred Evans was determined to walk his 2 daughters down the aisle before he dies.

Knowing that with a terminal cancer diagnosis he will not make it to his girls' weddings, the 62 year old father of four decided to surprise them by planning a special ceremony where he was able to accompany Kate and Gracie to the alter and give his blessings for their future nuptials.

Mr Evans and his wife, Karla, have three daughters and a son. Two of the girls, Gracie and Kate, are not married, and their father's greatest wish had always been to walk them down the aisle on their wedding day.

Fred Evans teamed up with his wife and oldest daughter to organize a surprise for his two girls.

Gracie and Kate Evans arrived at the Watermark Community Church at the appointed time after being told that their father had prepared something special for their mom.

As each girl entered the cavernous chapel, she was greeted by Mr Evans dressed in a tuxedo. The frail-looking, white-haired man handed Gracie and Kate bouquets of flowers before explaining the reason why he asked them to come.

Fred told his daughters that just in case he would not be there they day they get married, he wanted to escort them down the aisle now and give them his blessing.

The revelation came as a complete surprise to the two young women, who were left in tears at their dad's touching gesture.

Evans then walked Gracie, who is a disabled, and Kate to the altar each to a different song as their loved ones looked on from the audience, and then symbolically gave the girls away.

Mr Evans still had one more surprise in store: once the ceremony with his daughters was complete, the 62-year-old husband turned to his unsuspecting wife and announced that he wanted to renew their marriage vows.

Mr Evans lost his battle with cancer on July 25, 2013.

Adapted from: The Daily Mail