Egypt: 40 Weddings Since Coup at Rabaa Adawiya

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Egypt: 40 Weddings Since Coup at Rabaa Adawiya
Wed 14-08-2013

We have recently reported a wedding held at Rabaa Adawiya where all Mursi supporters gather to support him.

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But it looks like this was not the only wedding held at Rabaa Adawiya, over 40 couples have married in Egyptian capital Cairo's Rabaa al-Adawiya Square since the coup took place.

The brides and grooms walked in the Rabaa al-Adawiya Square, where they received several gifts from thousands of protesters who continue sit-ins in the square. The wedding dinner are prepared in the "kitchen of the square".

One of these couples Atif and Sara Saad walked around the square celebrating their wedding.

"Thousands here have attended our wedding ceremony. We could not organize a wedding with that much participation even if we wanted to do it. Small children tried to give their own candies and toys to my wife as wedding presents. Where on earth could we live such a happiness," Atif Saad told Anadolu Agency.

Officials announced hundreds of couples applied to get married in the square and said they plan to organize wedding ceremonies in masses within this framework.