Egypt: Groom Divorces Bride After 25 Days of Marriage

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Egypt: Groom Divorces Bride After 25 Days of Marriage
Thu 11-12-2014

An Egyptian woman went to court to file for a suit against her husband who divorced her 25 days after they go married.

The bride explains her husband divorced without her knowing, and they were still on their honeymoon.

The wife, Salma, explained that after 25 days of being married, her husband had to go on business trip in Dubai. She then got into a misunderstanding with his family, to soon find out her husband had divorced her.

She even explained that her husband's family accused her of stealing the furniture of her husband's house, and threw her out of the house.

And according to the bride's mother, her daughter's mother-in-law told her she is too old for her son, and that she should feel lucky to be 33 and married to her son.

Her husband gave her money and explained he didn't think much of her anyway.