Egypt: Son Kills Mother After She Marries Again

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Egypt: Son Kills Mother After She Marries Again
Sun 11-01-2015

An Egyptian young man killed his mother in her bedroom because he found out she got married again after his father passed away.

The mother was always busy taking care of herself and looking her best, until she married someone at the same age of her son.

The son explained he told his mother that the way she was acting was unacceptable but she never listened.

He even got into a fight with her and she threw him out of the house, so he had to stay at his friend's house instead.

His mother then apologized and asked him to come back and live with her, until he found out she was married to a man his age.

The young man went to her house, into her bedroom, and stabbed his mother to death. He later felt guilty and said he hopes she forgives him.