Egyptian 80 Year Old Wants Divorce Before Death

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Egyptian 80 Year Old Wants Divorce Before Death
Mon 03-02-2014

An 80-year-old Egyptian woman took her husband to court and demanded divorce.

The wife said she disliked her husband and wanted to divorce him before she dies. The judge agreed and ruled in her favor.

The woman told court in Cairo that she never wanted to stay with her husband on the grounds he is a womanizer but that she avoided a separation for the sake of her children.

"She demanded divorce from her 86-year-old husband…when the judge asked her why, she said that she never wanted to be with him but had no choice because of her children….she said she was waiting for proper time," a court source said.

When the judge asked the husband if he agrees to divorce her, he replied that he would do so if she gives up the divorce dowry and other rights.

"The woman then told the judge she does not want anything from her husband except a divorce."