Egyptian Bride Flies to Saudi to Find Groom Dead

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Egyptian Bride Flies to Saudi to Find Groom Dead
Fri 17-01-2014

An Egyptian bride who just got married to an Egyptian man living in Saudi Arabia flew there from her home country to begin her new life.

At the airport in Saudi Arabia, the bride spent a long time waiting for her husband, not realizing that he was killed in a car crash on his way to the airport.

The girl started to become nervous when her groom did not turn up at the airport in the central city of Al Qasseem.

An airport employee later went to the girl and gently told her that she had to return to Egypt. He said there was a mistake in her entry visa and that all her family was waiting for her at the airport in Cairo. He did not tell the woman about her husband’s death, and all she could do was get on the first flight back to Egypt.