Egyptian Husband Brutally Murders Wife Half His Age

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Egyptian Husband Brutally Murders Wife Half His Age
Wed 24-04-2013

An Egyptian man murdered his wife and chopped her body into pieces and fed them to dogs to hide the crime!

The husband explained he did this because he caught his young wife cheating on him.

“Yes, I killed my wife and chopped her body into small pieces and fed it the dogs to hide the crime,” said 50 year old husband explained.

According to Emirates 24/7 Khalid said that he had married his wife from the Al Mahalla Al Kubra area and had a daughter and son through her. Life was happy when he lived with his family in Kafr El Zayat town of Tanta.

“But differences began to arise between me and my wife when she insisted on leaving Kafr El Zayat, the place where I was born and lived, and go to live near her family in Al  Mahalla,” he said.


Emirates 24/7 also reported that:  "Khalid refused to move out from his family house because his father would be alone in Kafr El Zayat and the fight between the wife and husband ended in divorce."

"He, however, continued to live in his Kafr El Zayat house even after his father died. But life became difficult when he found raising the children tough and decided to marry for the second time."

He said relatives suggested to him to marry a girl in a neighboring village. “I went with them where I saw the girl and agreed to marry her. She was younger to me by 25 years. I was in a hurry to marry her as I fell in love with this girl because she was beautiful. I quickly made arrangements for the wedding.”

Within few days, she became his new wife. He said she had a dominant role in the family because she was good looking and he did not want to upset her.

“Despite the fact that I lived with her for some time, she exploited me and demanded that I change the ownership of the land and house to her name,” he alleged.

“After I’d given her power of attorney for my pension, the land and the house, she demanded divorce after some time. I realized that she was involved in illicit relationship with the boys of the neighborhood."

After he was sure that she’s dead, he brought a hacksaw and cut off her hands and feet and then separated her head from the body.

“I put her body parts in plastic bags and then dumped them in a canal near the village where we live. I went back to the house, cleaned the place and removed blood stains. I stayed there till the police arrived the next evening and arrested me. I am not guilty as I defended my honor; and I don’t regret what I did,” he said.

Police arrested the husband who admitted to killing his wife and the case has been referred to the public prosecution.