Egyptian Man Kills Wife and Cuts Body to Pieces

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Egyptian Man Kills Wife and Cuts Body to Pieces
Tue 29-07-2014

A 20-year-old Egyptian murdered his wife and slashed her body to pieces after he was told by his two-year-old son that she brought men to the flat while he was out.

The husband waited for his wife to go to bed, brought a hammer and struck her on the head many times. Instead of dying, she jumped out of bed and ran away.

Calling her “a bad and unfaithful wife”, he chased her through their apartment in the capital Cairo and stabbed her with a kitchen knife many times despite screams by his son and her repeated pleas to spare her life.

Identified as Nabil, the husband told police that after killing his wife, he tried to cut her body into small pieces to stuff them in a bag but that the knife was not so sharp.

He then went out to borrow a cleaver but residents called the police after they saw blood on his hands and heard his son’s screams.

The man confessed that he later found a saw, which he used to cut his wife’s body into small parts. Newspapers said the man was stuffing the parts in a garbage bag when police stormed the apartment and arrested him.

Source: Emirates 24/7