Egyptian Wife Divorces Husband After 3 Days of Marriage

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Egyptian Wife Divorces Husband After 3 Days of Marriage
Fri 09-01-2015

Considered as one of the first divorces in 2015 taken place in Egypt, a wife asked her husband for a divorce after 3 days of being married.

The wife explained that her husband accused her of looking "inappropriately" to his friend while he was congratulating them at their wedding.

The wife also said that her husband never believed her and is always very stubborn and refuses to change his mind no matter what.

She also revealed that she felt he was always stubborn and narrow minded when it came to some things, and while they were engaged she shared her worries with her parents who told her things will change when they get married, but unfortunately they got worse.

The wife revealed that they kept on fighting after their wedding till 4:00 a.m., and slept in separate rooms, and when they woke up she was surprised that he told her to go to her parents' house, and once she got their he had already called to complain about her to her parents.

Her parents convinced her to go back to her husband and fix things between them, but the next day he kept on nagging on the same subject and she couldn't handle it anymore, the wife then decided to run away and go to the family court herself and ask for a divorce.