Egyptian Wife Divorces Husband Because He's Impolite

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Egyptian Wife Divorces Husband Because He's Impolite
Mon 02-03-2015

An Egyptian wife went to court to ask for divorce from her husband who she calls "impolite" and rude.

The wife explained she met her husband through a relative and they got married after 1 month of being engaged, because he was well off and bought a house and furnished it in no time.

She explained that she agreed to marry the man who is 3 years older than her because he is wealthy and she though that she would live a good life with him.

To her surprise her husband turned out to be rude, and always argues with her, and insults her when they fight.

The wife started to get embarrassed when he started being rude to her friends and family, and it reached to a point when she couldn't handle it anymore and decided to get a divorce.